Committed to quality and GMP excellence

RWR holds the high quality of product formulation and customer focus

RWR is a company owned by Australians with products manufactured in Australian GMP Manufacturing facilities. We export around the world, listening and learning from customers to understand their market needs and ensuring products are manufactured to suit the needs of our customers and their animals. RWR products are known as high quality and are backed by our manufacturing plants, the quality of the people in our Quality Assurance team and our customer service focus. We market in Australia through licensed Veterinary Wholesalers and Veterinarians and via selected distribution channels throughout the world.

Our Vision

To significantly reduce and control the risk of using harmful products being used on equine, camelus and canines

Our Mission

To stand out with quality control, formulations, product performance and reputation

Our Promise

To provide the highest quality products on the market which produce the same results every time