Frequently asked Questions

RWR are focussed on equine health and have a range of animal health products to care for your horses and camels pre-performance, post-performance (during eventing and racing).  The range is available through licensed Veterinarians and wholesalers locally in Australia and via appointed distributors in regions outside Australia.

It is essential to have a worm control program to support the wellbeing of your horses and camels.  Worms affect the health of your animals health causing weight loss, poor growth, scouring and colic.  Horses and camels should be treated every 6-8 weeks.

RWR Equiwormer LV + Tape low volume oral paste for horses is a horse wormer that is based on Ivermectin and Praziquantel.  It is formulated to control all the major equine and camel worms.  A 6.42g dose treats a 600kg horse.  

  • Major gastrointestinal roundworm
  • Benzimidazole resistant strains
  • Lungworm bots, summer sores and tape worm

During racing and hard track work a dilution of the pH in the muscle of the animal allows the build-up of lactic acid in the muscle thereby causing pain and soreness throughout the muscle.  Known as tying-up, these muscle cramps are a common problem in performance horses and camels post exercise.  RWR L-Carnosine I.V. is a major muscle buffer in the muscle tissue that prevents tying up.

RWR Lact-O-Ease helps control the pH in the muscle of performance horses and assists to delay the rate of build up of lactate in the animal and muscle fatigue.  RWR Lact-O-Ease aids in the control of lactic acid.

Whilst training and undertaking general routines, RWR Equine PPS 250 helps to control the inflammatory process of the animals knees and joints, protecting the joints from injury.  Improved circulation of blood through the joint stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis in the synovial fluid enhancing volume and viscosity. 

RWR Veterinary has a range of products that are suited to improve performance.

  • RWR Equine PPS 250 also helps control the anti-arthritic instances bought about through injury.
  • RWR Joint Repair I.A. for animals helps the rebuilding of cartilage whilst ensuring the lubrication of the joint.  This frees up the joint so that the animal may again compete.  RWR Joint Repair I.A. is an ideal treatment for synovitis or inflammation of the lining of the joint not associated with infections.
  • RWR Glucosamine IV Injection – helps to rebuild cartilage and treat arthritic joints.
  • RWR Equibute – a natural herbal formulation to treat shin, muscle and joint soreness, tendon injury and swelling with heat
  • RWR Adenosine Plus – supports muscular activity in racing and heavy exercise.  Helps reduce the effects of fatigue and muscular overwork.
  • RWR L’Carnitine I.V. – reduces the build up of lactic acid in the muscle, a transporter of fatty acides to ensure energy production.  Essential L-Carnitine supplement for horses and dogs.
  • RWR DMG I.V. – improves oxygen utilisation, increases creatine levels in the body, increases energy levels in the animal
  • RWR Hemo Plus – helps increase and maintain bloods in racing and heavily exercised animals.  Improves recovery time after racing or heavy exercise.
  • RWR Tripart – improves muscle endurance and delays muscle “tying up”, assists recovery after strenuous exercise or racing, delays fatigue.
  • RWR Folic B12 – Folate and B12 prevents macrocytic and stress anemia in horses and dogs.  B12 and folate improve the metabolic activity of the animal, allowing it to operate to its genetic premium.
  • RWR L’Carnosine – a muscle buffer, it prevents tying up and a major reason to use it is to stop lactic acid build up in your animal under strenuous exercise.  RWR L’Carnosine helps to scavenge free radicals and protect the lipid phase of biological membranes.  
  • RWR Lactoease – helps control the reduction of pH in the muscle in performance animals an delays the rate of build-up of lactate in the animal and muscle fatigue.

Anhidrosis in horses, also known as non-sweating syndrome, dry coat or puffs disease is the term used to describe the condition in which horses develop either partial or complete inability to sweat.  

RWR Sweat-Again is a ready to use paste formulation for use with racing and performance animals, and is safe for all ages.  RWR Sweat-Again helps the animal to start to sweat again.